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My name is Katie and I am the mother of three lovely girls and "Gigi" to six little grandsons!  I have a heart for parents with questions about how to instill manners and respect into their children. 

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Monthly Newsletter:  To address common topics related to manners and etiquette and provide regular encouragement to parents.

Manners Blog:  A place to chat about specific topics and offer tips and advice that will encourage you as you seek to raise your little ladies and gentlemen.

Topical Q & A:  Email me with your specific questions and I will post my best answer.  Also,look for updated questions and answers from Katie, the manner lady. 

Your Stories:  Email me with your short story about your adventures in "mannerland".   With your permission, we will share them on the "Your Stories" page and we can laugh and learn from each other!

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"A parent can give a child no greater gift than good manners"

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